Tuesday, March 16, 2021

RedLine Solutions Wins Ivanti Innovation Award 2020

 Author: Todd Baggett - CEO of RedLine Solutions

We are honored to have received the Innovation Award for Ivanti’s 2020 Supply Chain Partner of the Year. Over the past 24 years we have helped hundreds of companies acquire, implement, and manage thousands of mobile devices in the supply chain. The Wavelink products and our partnership with Ivanti have enabled us to bring value through both software and professional service that really impact our manufacturing, distribution, and logistics customers.

RedLine Solutions CEO Todd Baggett

We use Ivanti to modernize our client’s telnet applications, provide a secure browsing environment and restrict access to specific approved applications, and manage devices across work groups and geography. We even embed some of Ivanti’s products into our own Supply Chain Applications to allow rendering on multiple device sizes and screen configurations while simplifying our development efforts.

Joe Wilson, Vice President of Global Sales, Ivanti Supply Chain stated that recipients are "experts in mission-critical device management, wireless infrastructure management, terminal emulation, voice enabling, or mobile application development." Read more in their blog here.

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