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Read how Exp Group LLC increased their inventory traceability

Exp Group LLC. increases inventory traceability using RedLine Cooler

The Exp. Group. LLC. is a multinational organization headquartered in Glen Rock, New Jersey, with operations in several countries. With more than 40 years in the business, they supply world class fresh produce to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Canada, México and South America. They grow all their tropical fruits and vegetables naturally, at their own farms in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and South America, assuring that they can provide their customers with a 100% quality guarantee.
Business Challenges 
Before bringing the RedLine Solutions Cooler software into the business, the Exp Group was operating a 21 room storage facility on site at their New Jersey location. Planning significant long-term growth, they were looking at ways to develop higher levels of operational efficiencies that supported their goals. At this time, they were using manual systems to track and manage the movement of their inventory, which left them with several managerial challenges including constantly second guessing the volumes that they had on hand. Managing thousands of containers of produce a year, they needed a way to achieve better inventory visibility without necessarily increasing their head count.

The Exp. Group team did a lot of research to assess potential system providers. The VP of Public Relations for Exp. Group LLC, Anthony Serafino said, ”We were not only looking for the right solution, but we also wanted to work with an organization that supported us well, and that we could grow with over time.” He concluded, “Our team all agreed that RedLine Solutions provided the best path forward for us.”

Goals For A New System 
The Exp. Group had several main objectives for their new software system: • To provide instant access to accurate inventory information • To increase efficiencies within their operation • To streamline the organization to support growth without the need for headcount increases • To enable a seamless integration with their Famous Software grower accounting system • To work with a collaborative partner that treated them well, and that they could grow with over time Serafino explained, “We wanted our inventory to be clear cut, and this is what we have now.” He continued “The system provides the ultimate in traceability, not previously seen by us in our industry!”
Meeting The Customer's Needs
The Exp. Group explained that they expected the software to have a significant impact on their business and as such, they were concerned about the timeline and challenges that they may experience during the installation and training period. Serafino explained, “I was very wary about the transitional period, and it was way easier than I expected.” Once the system was installed Exp. Group’s office staff took about three days to get up and running, while it took their warehouse staff one and a half weeks to become fully proficient, using the system in a bilingual configuration of English and Spanish. Serafino added, “We can now ship more in the same time, and what was a chore, is no longer a chore.” Exp Group recognized how well the RedLine Cooler software complemented and integrated with their Famous Software grower accounting system. Serafino said, “I can log into the system, and immediate see exactly what we have, and where it is.” Adding, “it is one thing is to have a good product, but another is to have exceptional customer service, and Redline has delivered on both of these aspects.” Exp. Group plan on adding 16 more ripening rooms in 2017. Serafino said “We are so excited to add the RedLine software into our new rooms. That would take our capacity to 37 rooms all integrated with RedLine software!” 

What Exp Group Would Say To Other Customers
“It is a pretty radical change, and many produce companies are old school and do not want to invest in technology, just caring about the bottom line. However, I would recommend that they should give this solution a chance, as it will make a significant difference,” Serafino outlined. The Exp. Group team pointed out that they felt that it is natural to be skeptical of any new solution, and even Serafino said that he was also skeptical when they first talked about bringing the system in.  “I have seen what it has done for the business, how organized it has made our operation, and I have seen how enjoyable it is for the staff. It is fun to use! You scan! You ship! It works well!” Serafino explained. ”I have seen the before and after, and the after looks so much prettier than the before!”

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