Thursday, June 1, 2017

RedLine Solutions, working with grower shippers for 20 years

RedLine Solutions Celebrate 20 Years of Customer Solutions

RedLine Solutions, was excited to move to a new facility, which coincides with the company celebrating 20 years of serving its customers. RedLine continues its focus on developing exception value for its customers, as it looks into the next 20 year with cutting edge new products like their new solution, a Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) compliant, web-based, warehouse management system for the fresh produce segment.
In 1997 Todd Baggett, the CEO of RedLine Solutions, founded the company with a goal to provide exceptional customer service, with integrity and dependability. Since then RedLine has grown an extensive client base, across the USA and Canada. Today, RedLine Solutions continues to build strong long-term relationships, strengthening its portfolio of inventory and productivity software solutions, through close collaboration with its customers and extensive investment in its in-house development team. They also partner with leading hardware manufacturers, enabling comprehensive solution offerings for their clients.
“When I started RedLine Solutions, my goal was to bring together the best software, hardware, and professional service team to create complete solutions that deliver unparalleled value for our customers. Twenty years later this is our reality. The cornerstone or our success is our amazing staff who really care about our customer’s success,” said Todd Baggett CEO.

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