Monday, July 31, 2017

Paperless Picking Boosts Fork Lift Driver Productivity!

Paperless Picking Boosts Productivity For Forklift Drivers

Your fresh produce operation is really busy getting a great product to your customers, so why have your forklift drivers walking to the office to receive their new orders to pick. Why have your drivers walking around rather than picking, and why have your driver tied to one order when you need more flexibility?

Having a paperless picking system can provide many benefits: 
  • Your drivers stay on the forklifts rather than walking around, saving time
  • Your drivers do not have to wait for the next order to be printed, avoiding frustration 
  • Drivers confirm each line item picked is accurate by scanning pallet tag. Scanning can be enforced.
  • Automated systems can assure FIFO stock rotation to avoid wastage
  • Orders are updated in real time. Multiple drivers can work on one order without over-shipping.
  • If an order cannot be finished because of a shortage, a driver can move to another order, and the unfinished order can be picked up by them or another driver later from the system
  • The office achieves better visibility of orders processed
  • The office can easily manage the order that each new pick list is worked on
  • The office can push an order to a particular driver if preferred
  • The office gets visibility of driver activity and productivity levels
Ideally, any paperless picking system for the fresh produce industry would completely eliminate the need for a printed pick list, saving forklift drivers time going to the office to collect their next job. The system would operate on rugged mobile computers, increasing picking speed and accuracy, while optimizing stock rotation, and eliminating shipping errors by validating each picked product against its associated order. 

The office should be able to assign and push an order directly to a particular driver’s mobile computer, enabling the driver to accept the work when they are next free. The system should also be able to queue available orders and notify all drivers when new orders are waiting. Then any driver could accept the new order on their mobile computer, and start working without the need for a printed pick list.

The paperless picking system should be able to provide the driver with a list of the most suitable product for each order, saving time and assuring optimum stock rotation. Once the driver scans the selected pallet, the system should be able to checks that product matches the order requirement, ensuring shipment accuracy. 

If you are looking for such a system RedLine Solutions have a new option, called "dispatch loader" in their RedLine Cooler solution that enables Paperless Picking for Forklift drivers. Read the press release or you can call the RedLine Team for more information at 408-562-1700 or email

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