Thursday, June 1, 2017

RedLine Donate to Local School

RedLine Solutions Greatly Benefits Local Students with Cash Donation

Recently RedLine Solutions donated $7500 to the Santa Clara High School science department. RedLine Solutions’ CEO @toddbaggett feels it is important to give back to the community and has supported many good causes over the years. Todd also recently gave his time to present job options to students, during the 8th grade career day, at the local Buchser Middle School in Santa Clara, CA.
Todd had heard that SCHS had a need for some vital physics supplies to enable the advanced placement (AP) physics curriculum and was moved to action. The majority of the SCHS donation went towards physics supplies including such items as a sonic flame tube, rotational turntable, variable inertia kit, rotational inertia set and others. The RedLine team got the opportunity to catch up with Chris Gallick, a math and physics teacher at SCHS, and asked him about how some of this equipment was being used, as well as its benefits to the students and staff alike.
Chris explained, “the AP class needs to cover an extensive curriculum in quite a short period and to have the aid of props, like the sonic flame tube, really help the students get a faster grasp of main concepts than they would otherwise. It is often the case that though we show images and diagrams of a topic, the students do not make an instant connection between these. When we have interactive props, we enable what I call “physics in action” as in the case of the sonic flame tube. I adjust a standing wave going into the tube the students see the impact right in front of their eyes. Ultimately the students get a clearer and faster understanding of the topics, and this helps us more effectively address the curriculum requirements.”
We also asked Chris which piece of equipment, supported by the donation, do the students think is the coolest. He stated, “Actually the students liked the Sonic Flame Tube the best, as do I. In fact, when I first set this up it was so compelling that some of the students took their phones out, to take pictures, and share with their friends, which is great!”
Lastly, we asked Chris if other classes also benefited from having the equipment on hand. Chris concluded, “Of course any level physics class can benefit from having access to these props. We also just built a STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Math) lab on the campus, putting an emphasis on scientific inquiry based investigation and exploration. Lots of times when a student has to explore and investigate a phenomenon, with no experience, it is tough for them. So this type of prop helps students comprehend and solidify their understanding, no matter what level they are being taught.”

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